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IP Video Surveillance

cameraOur IP based video surveillance solutions are based upon cutting edge technology that is light years ahead of traditional CCTV based solutions.

Benefits Include:
  • No need for DVRs:
  • Our solutions can use industry non proprietary industry standard storage solutions that help to keep costs in check.
  • Minimal software licensing expenses:
  • No additional software is required to view cameras. Cameras can be viewed by using common Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer or FireFox. All functions needed for camera operation are embedded into each camera.

High resolution recording capability:
Cameras can record and display images at multi-megapixel resolutions. This enables you to get more detail in your images and enables you to cover more area with fewer cameras.
Cameras are fully customizable to record based on events as well as standard continuous recording.

Low light recording:
Cameras have the ability to record high quality images in low light conditions where traditional cameras struggle to give you an image without additional lighting.

Dual Lens design:
With the capability of dual lenses, the cameras can be strategically placed to cover more angles with fewer cameras.
Lenses can also be configured to allow for wide angle and zoom images of the same objects so that you can see details in one lens while still catching a wider field of view in the other.
360º cameras that can be ceiling or wall mounted to enable high resolution 360º views of rooms.

Weatherproof IP65 case design:
Cameras have been deployed in high heat and freezing environments and have endured these conditions for years without servicing.
Cameras are weatherproof from -22° to +140°F, without need for heating (IP65)