Innovative Security Solutions

Protecting Digital Frontiers


Security policy development / implementation, IP video surveillance, or secure network design, the consultants of Netlogic Security are well versed in today’s current server and desktop technologies and can supply your business with a solution that fits your time and budgetary needs!
Many organizations have the need to comply with newer industry specific guidelines and compliance checks. The staff at Netlogic security, can assist in navigating the issues associated with compliance.

It has been proven that proper security is achieved by thorough information gathering and applying security principles in depth to the appropriate areas.

Network Security is a dynamic and ever evolving field, you need a company that understands this landscape and has the experience and certifications to make sure that the job gets gone right the first time.

Assess your own security situation by looking at our security concerns checklist.

Security Checklist:
  • Does your business use email?
  • Does your business have a security policy that is enforced?
  • Do employees frequently use the Internet for personal use during the business day?
  • Does your business have any method in place to prevent users from visiting potentially offensive sites on the Internet?
  • Is there technology in place to help mitigate threats from viruses and malware?
  • Is there a need for secure remote access to corporate resources inside your network?
  • Have you ever had a breach of security within your company?
  • Are you aware that it may only take a few minutes until an unprotected machine is compromised while connected to the Internet?
  • Does you business need to comply with industry specific compliance standards?

The questions listed above should serve as a checkpoint for your business network security posture. These questions should raise your security awareness and level of concern. Contact us with your concerns and we can help to alleviate them with technology and the application of industry accepted best practices.

With today’s need of business network connectivity it is essential to ensure a properly secured network infrastructure.


“The Implementation of effective security is the science of applying technical innovation and security principles properly.”

- Paul Mavrovic, CISSP


For more information about the CISSP certification, please visit the (ISC)² website.