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Antivirus / Spyware

It is essential to have endpoint Antivirus / Spyware protection in place in any business environment.

Without such protection in place, desktop computers within an organization will quickly succum to the myriad of threats that come in daily via email and from websites that may contain malicious code.


Malware programmers are very crafty and have many ways to try and "push" malware into an organization. Some methods include:


  • Targeted email campaigns - industry specific emails are sent to the employees of a company that may be of specific interest to that organization.
  • Watering hole attacks - Ads for websites that may be of interest to individuals with a company.
  • Other "drive by" web attacks coming from 3rd party websites a person may visit.


The staff at netlogic Security are well versed in mitigating virus / malware threats via software and hardware solutions.